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Saturday, 26 September 2015

New Printer
When I looked on the RepRapPro site for a new heater and nozzle for the Mendel, I saw that they had a beta version of their new Fisher delta printer at a reasonable price. So I bought a kit.

It's much smaller than the mendel and has lots of new features.

It also has green printed parts:

The packaging of the kit is compact and neat

The printer itself has several laser cut parts, so this printer can't make all the parts for itself, as the mendel can (except for the standard off the shelf parts like motors).

Being a delta printer it prints in a completely different way. It has auto bed probing too, which is really nice.

It prints nicely too, and doesn't suffer from the bed wobble that my mendel does. The print head mounting and linkages mean that the nozzle is the only part that moves and it is very firmly located at all times.

Due to the compact construction there's a tight fit for wiring inside the case, which has caused the odd problem, apart from that it's great.

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