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Sunday, 30 October 2016


The electronics room was a bit untidy so I ripped out the shelves I made from old pallets and made some new ones from scaffolding boards. These shelves are very strong, I was sitting and standing on them and they didn't bend more than a couple of millimetres.

More tidying needed, but they make much better use of the space, especially with the IKEA boxes. They don't smell bad like the old pallets did, either. Turns out it was the legs of the shelves I made that were smelly. They came form the old garage roof and were some odd type of pine that probably didn't play well with the moisture in the garage.

What can you make from scaffolding boards?

Well, it has wheels:

And a shiny stainless steel top.

It's a table. This is for the latest tool, which has recently been delivered.
I'll add shelves underneath once I have worked out what I will be putting in there. It will live in the garage eventually.

Phone Stand
I was fed up with my phone sliding about, so I made a stand for it:

The base is from an IKEA desk lamp that I mounted on the wall. The base was redundant but is nice and heavy so stops the stand from skating about.

The top is wood covered in crushed velvet. Flocking would be a bit delicate for this application I think.