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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Experimental Flocking Box 1

Up until now I have been using self adhesive crushed velvet paper for soft linings on pen boxes. This has been OK, but I spotted someone using some flocking on a YouTube video. It looked interesting so I decided to do a test.

I made up a 'box' which had two flocked surfaces on the inside.

The surfaces are glued then flock fibres are 'puffed' onto it with a puffer bottle. It works well, but does give a different, harder surface that the crushed velvet.

The real advantage is when you come to coat one of the pen slots that I mill into the boxes to hold pens. This is really fiddly to cover with paper. With the flocking it is easier, but you still have to be careful to apply glue in all directions and then ensure the flocking is uniformly applied to avoid gaps. As the glue is the same colour as the flocking it's not a total disaster if the flocking has a small gap here and there.

This is a trial pen slot that has been flocked to see how well it works. Apart from a small gap it worked well. There's maybe not as much cushioning to protect a pen as the self adhesive paper, but it's definitely better than just a wooden slot.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

First Thing Made From New Scaffolding Boards

I need to tidy up my dust extraction and the first thing to do is to put the extractor somewhere closer to the ceiling where I intend to run extraction pipes to the machines that need it. So, the first use of the new scaffolding boards. We have a shelf:

I now need to get some new filters for the extractor as I'm nearly out of them.

Scaffolding Boards

The first chair that was made of scaffolding boards didn't work well at all, so I made another one. That looks to be much more successful, so I needed to get some more scaffolding boards in anticipation of making more chairs. I tried to get more at the salvage place I got the first boards but they only deliver a minimum quantity of 200, which is too many in one go for me.

So I had a look around and found a place in Havant called Total Scaffolding. They were great to deal with and had a minimum quantity of 50 boards. That's still quite a lot, but manageable. So, the day after visiting them they arrived.

That's a set of chairs and several other things being craned into the garden. I then stored them in the garage.
Chair Modifications

The chair has a temporary covering now and some foam. The thickness of foam was tested and about an inch seems to be the best thickness.
The covering is a smaller piece of fabric than is necessary, but it's just a scrap piece so I added another to give an overall covering.

The height adjustment has so far resulted in a 10mm reduction in height which had a large effect on the feel of the chair. It looks like even a few mm makes quite a big difference to the feel of the chair. <Maybe I should have measured the chairs we looked at a bit more accurately...