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Saturday, 13 June 2015

TI59 Battery Rebuild

I recently got one of these on ebay:

Unfortunately it had a US 3.3V ac adapter and no batteries in the battery holder. This meant I couldn't power it on.
I connected a 3 AA cell holder to the battery terminals and then the calculator powered up. Unfortunately the battery holder was way too big for the battery space. I got a 3 AAA holder and that fitted perfectly in the space in the case, but the original battery holder wouldn't fit. I didn't want to chop it up, so tried some rechargeable AAs in the original holder. This was tricky as there's little space in there and I couldn't solder to the batteries I had. So I ordered some tagged AA cells and fitted them into the original holder:

The holder then clips in (once I trimmed it a bit) and it is very neat.

I got a 240V to 120V ac adapter to step down our power to the level the 3.3V ac adapter can handle and I can now charge the batteries as well.

Unfortunately I haven't managed a successful read or write using the card reader yet...

Garage Organisation

The new garage has been repopulated with various items from everywhere else.
An old door has been repurposed as a toolboard:

Other bits and bobs have been put on another frame and the bicycles are back on the frame I put on the wall.

There's also a lot of hanging space in the roof, along the side of the storage area.
Painting the walls and floor has tidied the place up and also makes sweeping the floor much much easier.