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Sunday, 27 September 2015

IKEA Lamp Holder

I bought some IKEA lamps for the workshop ages ago and have been using them for quite a while some of them were clamp mounting and some were designed to sit on a flat surface and had a heavy weighted base for stability. In the blue room I have a desk with a tool board above it and I decided to mount a lamp on the tool board, on a vertical surface. To do this I took one of the lamps with the weighted base and mounted it using it's base mounting screws to the wall using a wooden block. What I didn't know was that the screws that attach the base seem to be screwed onto a very soft plastic. So, of course, they snapped off and the lamp was left dangling.
New fisher printer to the rescue. The first part printed on it (real part, that is, not the test robot that it came with) was a new bracket to hold the lamp. Fortunately it has a conical base so I created a tapered cylinder with a flange.

So I now have the lamp mounted as a work lamp over the desk. It all seems nicely solid as a mounting.

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