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Friday, 31 August 2018

Loading The Dehydrator

Loading The Dehydrator

Another load for the dehydrator. Some reduced price peaches (rather squishy), some reduced price strawberries (not quite as squishy), a nectarine (to help fill a tray) and a couple of cherry tomatoes (as an experiment).

Friday, 24 August 2018

Tail-stock Stand

I have a mini lathe and it came with a tail-stock. This is removable and I use the lathe without it quite often. It spends most of its time on a bench somewhere, or propped up against the back of the lathe. The design of the tail-stock means that it can't stand up in it's normal operating orientation and so has to lie on it's side or lean against something. This started to irritate me. I thought of a shelf, then decided to make this:

 The tail-stock rests in it like this:

I then mounted the stand on the side of the shelf unit I built around the lathe:

It's now in a space that I couldn't really use for anything else. We'll see how good an idea this was as I use the lathe for future projects.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Dehydrated Apple

Dehydrated Apple 2018

This year we had a few apples on the tree (due to the harsh winter?) and so i got the dehydrator working again:

The display on the dehydrator shows the relative humity and temperature:

unfortunately, while I was using it, the display corrupted:

I'd noticed a small corruption now and again but the problem seems to be more persistent now. I'll probably have to break out the scope and see what's up. Fortunately the control of the fan and heater appear to be working  so I can use the dehydrator, just operating it a bit blind.