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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Breitling Aerospace

I've had my Breitling Aerospace for nearly 20 years now (well sort of, see later). It's been pretty reliable over that time (crown had a problem but was fixed). Every so often (4 years or so) it had a battery change and sometime a service, which was quite costly. £70 for a battery change would sometimes get a bit of a service with some other broken bits, a polish or a clean. the last few times were more expensive, and the servicing stopped. One battery change the hands came back not quite aligned properly.

The flat spring in the bracelet died a long time ago, and genuine replacement parts are very expensive. So I made a spring. Seems to work quite well. I've had to make another one since.

The bracelet clasp failed a couple of years ago. Proper parts were about £400, which I thought was ridiculous. I sourced some generic parts that fitted perfectly, and were actually titanium. The original was steel. A bit of filing and the fit was perfect.

So now, the watch was original, but the bracelet clasp was different parts.

The last battery change, though became a service (as it hadn't been serviced for a while, so obviously needed it). So I had a service done and the watch came back, after I declined other replacements and work. All seemed well, then I noticed that the movement was displaying things it never did before. I suspected that the movement had been changed, and indeed, and email confirmed this. The back of the case had also been replaced as that is necessary if the movement is changed. This resulted in an anorexic serial number being engraved on the case back, rather than the sturdy punched one I originally had.

Anyway all was well until this happened:

Yes, the minute hand fell off.  I have already decided to do my own battery changes so I had purchased tools to open the case and remove the hands. I also have the tools and parts necessary to service the movement if I need to. So I popped the case back off and put the minute hand back on.

It wasn't very traumatic, as I now feel that the watch isn't my original one, as the bracelet clasp, case back and movement aren't the original. I'm left with bracelet case and crystal as original. It's not my watch any more.


The drawer where I keep my abrasive paper was making me sad every time I opened it. The paper was just piled in there and I was never sure what grades I had. So, with some time available for a re-jig, I reorganised:

There's a plywood frame with foam board  slots for each of the grades. I cut the paper sheets down to fit the slots, as I realised I never use a sheet without tearing or cutting it down, so why not just cut them up? Small foam board inserts hold the slots in shape and I wrote the grit sizes on them.
I'm not sad when I open the drawer now...

Friday, 19 October 2018

Marker Gauge Holder

I try to put all my frequently (and some not so frequently) used tools on shadow boards, so they are easier to find and also so I can quickly tidy up.

A Marker gauge is a tricky shape to put on a boards so I finally 3D printed a holder.

The holder needs to be a fair distance from the board, so I mounted it on a bit of wood. Yes, I could have mdae the print a bit bigger, but this way I save some print time and filament.

There's the gauge, mounted on the board (the back of the Maslow).

Friday, 12 October 2018

Quick Drawer  Fix

When you fix the front of a drawer with dowels and a microscopic amount of glue, you'll need to glue it all up again in the foocher...