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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Prinztronic Calculator

I didn't have much interest in this calculator until I took it apart. Modern calculators are very cost conscious and the construction tends to be flexible membranes and other non fixable things, fixed together in a non removable way.

This calculator, though, is totally different. It's a simple, basic calculator, but internally it is a set of modules that plug together. Without the case and plugged together the modules look like this:

The keyboard unplugs:

The processing unit has a single ceramic IC on it, made by Toshiba. I suspect the whole calculator design is a Toshiba one:

The display module has seven segment LEDs on it, each digit being a seaprate module.

The seven segment display modules look a bit the worse for age:

but they do all work:

The set of modules connect together well, and the connected unit plugs into the case using the battery connector as a mechanical link. A single screw then holds the case together. A really neat design.

I've got a video showing how it all fits together here:

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