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Friday, 24 April 2015


We needed a new pair of sofas, as the old ones were cast-offs that were worn out and collapsing. So, I decided to make some. The square design was settled on, in a size that fits the spaces we have available.

More storage is never a bad idea and I never liked the wasted space that sofa take up, so the space under the seats was designed to store stuff.

The frame is simply boxes of plywood on a wooden frame:

Foam is stuck to the outside surfaces and then covered with material, which gives a firm seat. here's a covered arm:

Everything bolts together and has been sized so that the TV unit I made can be slotted in where a seat would be, on either of the two sofas. So, we can swap sides by swapping one of the seats between sofas. The arms just bolt on the end of whatever they need to.

Here's a finished sofa:

Unfortunately the material choice was a bit unsuitable, as the material pills easily and catches a lot of debris, so a recovering exercise may be in my future...

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