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Friday, 24 April 2015

Hexagonal Lampshades

There's currently two bare light bulbs in the main bedroom, so a plan came about to create some lampshades for that room. There are two ceiling roses, and the plan is to create two hexagonal glass and copper shades. The glass chosen is a rippled purple glass (English Muffle, I believe).

The sheet was first cut into two parts:

Then, gradually the parts for the hexagons was cut from each half:

I used a template to mark out the hexagons and the sides:

The cut the appropriate shapes out:

There's six bulbs in each hexagon, so I needed a way to mount the bulb holders. This is where 3D printing comes in handy, as the holder is a simple thing to make on the printer, as it has an obvious flat surfsce to print from and there's no overhangs.  The angles will all be accurate and although the 3mm holes had to be drilled out the final item is very neat:

The bulbs and bulb holders mount on the end of each finger:

The hexagons are assembled using copper sheet soldered together with a copper wire frame inside the hexagon to hold the glass in place in the copper sheet frame. The internal frame also provides a way to mount the star bulb holder.

Once mounted in the hexagons the bulb holder also holds the central bulb holder which is modified to attach to the wiring of the star bulb holder.

The final hexagons look like this when they are in place:

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