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Monday, 20 July 2015

Vacuum Cleaner Failure

We had an old vacuum cleaner that was on car cleaning duty. It was made by Hoiover and worked quite well. I recently bought some new bags for it, as the old ones had been lunch for a mouse or two. Of course the hoover noticed the new bags and decided that it was a good time to make a horrible noise and destroy it's motor bearings.

Rather than throw it away I thought I'd have a go at fixing it. The whole thing was actually designed to be disassembled, everything was held together with screws, apart from the bearings themselves which were pushed onto the motor axle, and a fan cover, which was also (more loosely) push fit.

I got the bearing part numbers and checked on ebay and lo and behold there were some for sale, so I bought a couple at a very reasonable couple of pounds each.

Next step: remove bearings. After pulling quite hard I tried my bearing puller, but found that it was designed for things that were fitted to tractors, not small electric motors. I bought a smaller puller off ebay and managed to easily get one bearing off. The second was more troublesome as it was quite a distance down the axle. I made longer arms for the puller and that was off too.

After pushing the new bearings on, it was time to re-assemble and try full power again. Good news: there's no nasty noise any more, so hopefully it's fixed. We'll see after the first real hoover of something...

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