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Monday, 20 July 2015

I have an ongoing project which will hopefully end up with a dining room table and set of chairs. Chairs are pretty difficult to make, especially getting the dimensions correct and aesthetically acceptable. Materials are also a big question, cost and durability have a big bearing on those. 
To address the problem of dimensions, I recently drew up some plans for a chair, based on requirements that I'd been given and examples from magazines and places we'd been that had acceptable chairs.

This is a 1:3 scale drawing I came up with of a possibly suitable design. 

 A few hours later and we have a 1:3 scale model of this design:

The woodrat mortice rail was very useful for the mortices on the uprights and other parts. Without that it would have been an impossible task.

I haven't sanded the parts yet, but it does look like a chair. We'll have to see how well it matches the requirements.
I also need to put a seat on the frame, and cover it.

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