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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Woodrat Mortise Rail A

I've had the woodrat for quite a while now (so long that the model I have, the WR5, isn't sold any more). I've used it for all sorts of things, but as I didn't buy or make the mortising accessories I never used it for slots and so on. I used a router table for those jobs. There was a lot of that in the plantation shutters.

So, after failing to cut simple handholds for the butlers tray, I have decided to make some accessories for the woodrat. First on the list is the mortise rail that is mentioned in the woodrat manual. This is a wooden mortise rail that can be used to hold workpieces along the main body of the woodrat.

I made this from a piece of wood from the old garage roof and a some plywood.

The uprights are clamped in the woodrat clamps, the holes are for putting the feet of workpiece clamps through the plywood board.

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