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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Drill Bit Trays

Next to the pillar drill I had put my drill bit holder. That's a fancy name for a piece of worktop with holes drilled in it. I put various drill bits, taps, router cutters and screwdiggers in the holes to keep them organised. Well, sort of organised. Anyway, it worked well when it was put on a shelf, but next to the drill press wasn't a good location as I kept cutting my hand on the sharp bits when I altered the drill press shelf height.

Fortunately I had a solution looking for a problem: A metal case I bought in Plymouth. One of a pair. I decided to put trays in the case, sized so that things in the trays wouldn't fall out when the case was picked up.

The trays are made out of 3mm plywood, stapled and glued together. There's one in the bottom of the case, and one on top. The top one has a small tray that fits inside and has smaller spaces fot tiny drill bits.

The stapling isn't too pretty, but it allows a lot of tray to be made in a reasonable time.
The trays are doing quite well at the moment, we'll see how it goes...

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