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Monday, 12 January 2015

Dehydrator MK 1

Having an apple tree in the garden means that now and again we get a lot of apples. (Now and again we get around 2, though, and I'm not sure why). After attempting apple pies, baked apple and other such things, I thought dried apple would mean that less of the freezer was taken up with apple.

Having heard somewhere that a cardboard box and light bulb could make a dehydrator I came up with dehydrator MK 1:

As a dehydrator works by heating wet things and then removing the damp air that results, you need a fan to remove the air:

I made trays for putting the apples on out of a bit of wood and some twine:

When in use you get a nice lighting effect from the lightbulb:

Dehydrator in use:

The result was dried apple which takes up very little space and it also tastes pretty good. Well, I think so, some people don't.

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